Menstrual Cycle Tracking for PMDD Relief - You Are More Than Your PMDD!

Menstrual Cycle Tracking for PMDD Relief

It’s easy to know when you’re in Hell Week, you’re irritated, you wanna angrily rip off your partner’s head, you question why you’re even in this relationship, in this life, on this planet.

On those days before your period it seems like you’re a totally different person and all the progress you made the rest of the month just goes flying out the window and you end up having to apologize or you feel guilty for your outbursts.

I know because that’s how I felt for years.

It was like being Jekyll and Hyde once a month, but I wasn’t drinking some magic potion to turn into my bitchy self.

I felt like a total victim of my hormonal rage, just as much as my partner did. It was bad.


One day, I decided that I had had enough, I wanted to know exactly when I start feeling like a demon possessed. And that’s when my life changed - with menstrual cycle tracking.


You are more than your PMDD! So much more!


Don’t define yourself solely through that one week (or more) that you can’t seem to control your emotions and you hate everyone around you.


There’s more to you than Hell Week!


What about all those other days when you’re sassy, perky, wise, caring, compassionate and loving?


That’s why Menstrual Cycle Tracking is so important.

When you track your entire cycle, not just your period, you become more aware of the days when everything is going fine.


When you’re patient, when you're vibrant, when you’re funny. And also the days when you’re more quiet and introspective. And definitely the days when you’re on fire with energy and passion.


Menstrual Cycle Tracking is a way for you to notice ALL the parts of yourself, not just the ones that make you want to hide away in a cave for 7-10 days.


So, are you tracking your cycle?


And I don’t mean knowing when you’ll get your period. I mean taking time to write down a few sentences of how you felt, if you were bleeding, your energy levels and your overall mood, and if you had an emotional blow up.




So, how can you track your cycle in the easiest way? With apps! Yepp, technology has you covered.


All you have to do is open the app, at any time of day, but before you go to bed works best, and then you make a few notes and BAM!, you’ve tracked your cycle.


It’s important to make things easy, otherwise we don’t do them. If it’s just another lengthy chore you have to add to your day, you’re not going to want to do it.


But I promise you, tracking your cycle will take you a step closer to healing your PMDD.


Not sure which app is the best for you? I made a list of the BEST FREE APPS to track your menstrual cycle.


You can download it here:


Let me know which app you chose and how you like it because I love hearing how you’re coming along in your PMDD healing journey.

PS. If you’re interested in taking your healing a step further by using your menstrual cycle to create a juicy life you love, then stay tuned because I’m working on a Menstrual Cycle Awareness for PMDD course.


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