Wait! Before You Let That PMDD Rage Takeover - Try This Effective Technique to Calm You Down.


On the verge of blowing up? Try this first!
SOS BREATH for Emotional Overwhelm and PMDD Mood Swings!

 Sometimes you’ve done everything right, you've taken your PMDD supplements, you've slept enough, you moved your body and you journaled and meditated but you still blow up at your partner, your kids or colleagues.

And then you have to do damage control and you end up feeling guilty and out of control.

Especially during "Hell Week" it's easy to lose control.

But if you don’t feel like picking up the pieces after another emotional explosion then here's a breathing technique that will help you step out of that danger zone:

SOS Breath:
Inhale for 4. Hold for 4. Exhale for 8.

It's as easy as that. ;)

Well, there's a little more to it. The special sauce in this technique is the movement of your fingers in coordination with your breath.


Using movement and counting to anchor your mind will get you out of that emotional overwhelm quickly!

The thing is, when you get agitated, your breathing becomes more shallow and that sends the signal of distress to your body and it activates your fight, flight or freeze reaction.

So no wonder it's hard to stop that freak out, your body thinks that you're in danger!

And to get you out of attack mode, you need to send the signal to your body that all is well, and that’s exactly what SOS Breath does: i
t gives you some space between you and your racing thoughts.

I recommend doing SOS Breath for 1 minute when things are about to get really crazy. 

You can excuse yourself for just a second and go to the bathroom or step outside onto the balcony.

And you can even do the hand movement under the dinner table as you breathe and nobody will know.

And if you don’t have a whole minute, do it for just 3-4 breaths. You'll feel a lot better afterwards.

Emotions happen, racing thoughts happen, what counts is how we deal with them. 

SOS Breath will empower you to start taking charge of your emotional outbursts.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

Here’s the short video (2 minutes) to explain the SOS Breath:


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